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What Becomes Of Children Who Go To The Dentist

In the beginning, there is much handholding. But in later years, the model child, the one that every decent adult dreams of raising someday, takes herself to the local dentistry for children paramount. Elsewhere, afraid to say, she would have had to wait at the school gates for her mom to pick her up after school before heading off for her bi-annual dental exam. Out there, it is just not safe anymore. This straight after hockey practice.

dentistry for children paramount

But while the young lady is being seen to by the good dentist, her mom could head back out again to do a spot of last minute shopping, or shopping just to kill time, or window shopping. But she’d better be quick. The dental exam does not take long. Leaving her daughter with the dentist would not have been a worry because her child is in safe hands. The dentist, he who specializes in pediatric care, knows what it is like.

Perhaps he has children of his own. The dental exam does not take long. You would have thought. This may have something to do with the surgery’s efficiency of purpose, its stable techniques, and all the modern technologies it has at its disposal. But no. The dentist is really chuffed. It makes him feel that he has achieved something. A sense of achievement. Because look at this lady’s fine teeth and gums.

Not a single cavity. And there will be no need for her to wear braces. Her teeth are perfectly straight. Mind you, the dentist should not be taking all the credit. And neither should mom while she makes her way through the checkout counter. It is all the doing of the main character in this story. The model patient.

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