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Revision Procedures For Administration Of Endoscopy

It could have been observed as an unpleasant or unfortunate play of words to the curious or observant reader. More than likely, it is pure coincidence. Nevertheless, the unfortunate reality remains this. The mount pleasant endoscopy procedures, for instance, are anything but pleasant. Whilst every effort is made by the specialist practitioner and his staff to make these procedures as comfortable as possible for the patients, there are always those bitter pills the affected patient needs to swallow.

For instance, there is this. Hands up those of you who have had a procedure. For those who still need to go through it, note this. Part of the non-surgical weight loss procedure is performed with an endoscope. And this endoscope is ‘introduced through the mouth’. That is perhaps putting it mildly. The rest can be left to the imagination of observant readers. But informed they must be. So for the time being, this short article briefly introduces the procedure/s.

The insertion of the endoscope is merely an option for those patients who have regained weight after going through the processes of gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery whereby the bypass or sleeve was stretched. But the introduction of this procedure is able to restore the original size of the gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy and subsequently encourage additional weight loss without having to resort to surgery.

mount pleasant endoscopy

A suturing device is placed at the tip of the endoscope. Due to this procedure being non-surgical, it will be treated on an outpatient basis. This means that no patient receiving such a procedure will be required to stay in hospital overnight. A number of sutures will be located within the stomach. As a result, decreased stomach capacity will lead to a sense of increased fullness alongside of the weight mass.

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